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Car Lease Issue. going on exit.
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TEMA: Car Lease Issue. going on exit.
Car Lease Issue. going on exit. hace 9 Meses, 1 Semana Karma: 0

If Exit Paper is ready but car is still on lease, can we exit ? what will be problems later ?If Stop Paying lease, owner will take the car and than what will happen ?Abdul Latif Jameel can cancel any contract ? how much percentage they will acquire ?I need to go home on emergency basis and i have resigned already but I read in some threads some people got Exit paper without transfer there car or cancelling there car. than there are some threads which are saying Exit paper will not be printed in this case. i m twisted i m trying to transfer the car but current crap market situation is making it impossible. instead of free people are asking me to Pay them so they get the car. this is not fair.

Please help.

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