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Synthetic oil for high mileage car?
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TEMA: Synthetic oil for high mileage car?
Synthetic oil for high mileage car? hace 8 Meses, 3 Semanas Karma: 0

My car is 8-years old and has about 165k km on the odometer. I got the car when it had about 100k km and I've been taking it to a local shop for oil changes ever since. (I bought a lifetime oil change card) I recently decided to start doing oil changes myself so I can choose the type of oil and filter to use (I believe the shop uses Pennzoil). I was reading an old "oil change" thread in the OpenForum and a lot of people recommend Mobil 1 Synthetic.
Synthetic oil appeals to me because the winters here can get pretty cold (typically between -15C to -30C). I have read synthetic oil performs very well in cold weather and and espcially good for cold starts. However, I have read that switching from conventional oil to synthetic oil in an older vehicle can cause problems (i.e., oil leaks). As far as I can detect, my car does not currently leak (or burn) any oil.My question is: Is it risky to switch from conventional engine oil to synthetic oil in a high-mileage car?

Please help.

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