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Flashing lights
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TEMA: Flashing lights
Flashing lights hace 9 Meses, 1 Semana Karma: 0

I recently bought a sub-woofer with an amp, i have a sound system in my car. i was driving home and all of a sudden my sub-woofer stopped working, so i turned it off right away and when i parked my car, all my lights were flashing (dash lights, car lights, trunk lights, radio lights etc) so i disconnect my amp and check if everything is alright, my sub is OK and amp wasn't hot. But lights were still flashing, i checked everywhere ! then i decided to take my radio off and boom, lights stopped flashing.... Whats going on??? oh and 2 weeks ago i changed my right front flasher and now its already burned, is this related ?

Please help.

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