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Repair/maintain the BMW or get a new car?
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TEMA: Repair/maintain the BMW or get a new car?
Repair/maintain the BMW or get a new car? hace 1 Año Karma: 0

I have a 2008 BMW with about 40k miles on it. I drive sparingly now as I live close to work (maybe 3k miles a year). So far the car has been reliable and hasn't cost me much (mainly thanks to the free maintenance for the first 4 years), but now it's time to pay the piper. The brakes are worn down, there's a leaking oil gasket, and some other maintenance things that need to be taken care of. The cheapest quote I could find to address ALL these issues is $2500 from an independent shop. I've called around for quotes, and has these issues verified with 3 separate mechanics, to make sure someone wasn't making up an issue. Unfortunately these things need to be done. Due to my sparing driving habits, nothing is urgent, but should be addressed within 3-6 months. I'm not a DIY'er, so please don't mention how much $ I could save if I fix these things myself.

So at this point, I am wondering if I should trade the car in for a midsize sedan/ small SUV in the $20-25k range (Accord, Camry, etc). I'd only be interested in keeping the BMW OR buying a new car in that price range, no other options are really on the table at this time.IF I do outlay the $2500 to fix the BMW, I'd do it with the intent of keeping it another 3-4 years at least. I"d feel dumb spending that to fix the car and then turning around and selling it a year later. So it would also be with the hope that nothing major is needed or goes wrong with it for that time span as well.Any opinions on which option sounds ideal?

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