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Car not reving up
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TEMA: Car not reving up
Car not reving up hace 9 Meses Karma: 0

The problem is that the car sounds like it is taking when swinging the starter but it does not rev up from there, I have checked and there is spark on all 4 cylinders and I take it there is fuel as it does sound like it wants to take. The problem came about pretty weird aswell, It was running fine, then just standing ideling it suddenly started getting more and more unhappy until it died, it did start after that but did not rev up from idle, even with wide open throttel, pulled plug wires off one by one and put them back and only when I pulled cyl 4 it died. Any inputs would help, please, And it is a gotech mini x that I am using.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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