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Banking Deposit Issue
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TEMA: Banking Deposit Issue
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Refer to the topic: 'External HD/Pseudo Server Speed Issues' for a background on my working situation. I have a customer set up called "Cash Sale" for all those 'off the street people' that do not have accounts. Most of these, obviously, pay by cash as we do not have credit or Eftpos facilities. Because our sale amounts can be relatively large - in the hundreds of dollars or sometimes unknown customers order items by phone, we sometimes arrange on-line payments. Most "Cash Sale" customers payments go into the bank account - "Undeposited Funds" as they hand over cash which is then banked at the end of the week and the process is handled in "Banking" of MW Gold. During this process I noticed a payment which I knew to be electronic, over the internet direct into our cheque account appear in this banking to be deposited. On checking this transaction, which I initially believed to be incorrectly entered, I found that all details were correct: Bank - Cheque account, Payment method - Electronic. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this should be the case?

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