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Why is Housing so Unaffordable in so many cities?
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TEMA: Why is Housing so Unaffordable in so many cities?
Why is Housing so Unaffordable in so many cities? hace 4 Semanas, 1 Día Karma: 0

Yes, demand exceeds supply. But why? Why isn't supply matching demand? Population growth? High land and commodity imput costs? Zoning laws and "NIMBYism" preventing higher density developments? Lack of construction workers? Wages not keeping up with housing costs? A problem with our potential construction workforce--drug abuse, laziness? Lack of government spending on public housing, or tax incentives to build affordable units? Is there a quick way to reduce housing costs? Assembly line construction of modular housing units in factories? Tiny houses and apartments, under 500 sq. ft.? Higher density developments, including high rises? A return to "SRO"s--single room occupancy units, and rooming houses? Better transit networks, allowing people to move to distant exurbs with much cheaper housing? Government assistance for those in need willing to move to cheaper cities from expensive coastal cities? New government built affordable housing projects? All of the above? None of the above? Ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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