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Have you heard of Rent-to-buy schemes?
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TEMA: Have you heard of Rent-to-buy schemes?
Have you heard of Rent-to-buy schemes? hace 8 Meses, 3 Semanas Karma: 0

I'd like to collect in one place people's sentiments, emotions, eperience and especially information on the subject.

Many people are against buying a property in Malta, but exactly for what reason? Are there people already bought or considering to buy here? What're the parameters to consider? Are there any pitfalls to be aware of?

Also regarding securing a mortgage, what is the process and what costs and fees involved? What's the minimum deposit required? Are mortgages available to expat residents?
Is it possible to remortgage or take a mortgage out later on, on a property bought for cash?

Have you heard of Rent-to-buy schemes? Are they worth considering?

Please help.

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Thank you
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