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Useful things to my pets
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TEMA: Useful things to my pets
Useful things to my pets hace 7 Meses, 3 Semanas Karma: 0
When we go to the beach we usually go with colleagues, family, even sometimes we take our pets ... I like to take my pets to the beach with me, my two dogs "Snow" and "Puff"... I love watching them run around the beach and do some exercise, however recently an acquaintance recommended me buy something from my pets to protect their legs on these occasions, some dog water shoes to avoid being harmed by glasses or others sharp objects that are in the sand. It happened to me that I walk on the beach and suddenly because of pure bad luck I have some glass that has passed in the cleanings and I hurt my foot, I do not want that to happen to my pets, my colleague tells me that It helps when getting into the car, you take off your shoes and prevent the carpets of the car from filling you with sand and more
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