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i cannot introduce myself due to mental illnesses
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TEMA: i cannot introduce myself due to mental illnesses
i cannot introduce myself due to mental illnesses hace 2 Años, 8 Meses Karma: 0

. I am a Frederictonian, whom has seen my mother go through 2 cancers, first in 1994, breast.
I have a fear now of the public because I have PTSD and anxiety, which is not recognized.
Found out may 31st, 2017, mom has mete-static breast cancer and she's been hospitalized twice now, spread to bones and spinal cord and we believe liver, possibly lungs. She's a stubborn woman and sometimes will zone out at doctors apts. I make sure I am there writing everything. Just wondering, I have extra mural every day, but how does one cope with caregiving 22 hours a day and have bite your tongue on some stuff and never show negative emotions?I just cannot do it. Some please help, system, fianancially and health has srewed both myself and my mother, as she was misdiagnosied with advanced arthitis frist, then, osteo, then "oh sorry, I was wrong, you are terminal"..Anyways, best I can do for now. I'm a 37 year old male that had my father hit by a car on July 1st 2013, didn't get there until July 4th to "unplug" him, was ready to go back to work, and this happened, government will not help me any provincial or federal programs will just deny me, b ecause of not enough taxable hours in 2017. I am going back to work, I just need time to work on my coping skills, I am a very experienced I.T. admin, but am becoming more forgetful every day, lack of any enthusiam, etc. Can someone please at least let me know where I can start, please?

please help

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