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Nutrition following resection - help needed!
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TEMA: Nutrition following resection - help needed!
Nutrition following resection - help needed! hace 2 Años, 5 Meses Karma: 0

My 47 year old husband was diagnosed with Stage 2B Colo-rectal cancer about 2.5 months ago. It was in his recto-sigmoid part of his colon. They took out 19 inches of colon and 80% of his rectum. The surgery was done by a fabulous Dr at MD Anderson - and while we are thankful for being so close to MD Anderson here in Houston - and know their surgeons/Drs are some of the best - we've been left out in the dark when it comes to nutrition. (We haven't met with any dietitians there yet - but we will eventually!) In the meantime - my husband is miserable each day post surgery. He can't figure out what to eat and what not to eat. Any suggestions of what works and what absolutely does NOT work?

Please help

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