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House rent during WWII
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TEMA: House rent during WWII
House rent during WWII hace 2 Años, 1 Mes Karma: 0

I wonder how the issue of house rent in Germany was handled during the war. Many men who were called to serve in the Wehrmacht suddenly didnt have the income anymore to maintain the living standard back home. What about a striving young single man in his late twenties with a good income just about to embark on a career who had an elegant flat rented in Berlin? Did he have to have his belongings packed by whomever because the soldiers pay didnt pay the rent? What about the 30 year old married director with no family money, but with a wife and two kids and a rented posh 250 sqm house in Darlem, was the family forced to move to a more modest home? Or were the house owners forced to pay their share and lower the rents for the time of war to enable the tenant to return?

Please help.

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